Kitchener butcher creates community for Syrian newcomers

Ammar and Bashar Al-Hendi know what it's like to move to Waterloo Region from Syria - their family came to Ontario over two decades ago. Now, their butcher and grocery shop is a hotspot for newcomers from Syria and Iraq.
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      Ammar Halal Meats offers Middle Eastern staples like pita bread, lamb kofta and sweet halva desserts.

      But the Kitchener butcher shop also has another role - helping Syrian newcomers to Waterloo Region.

      Ammar and Bashar Al-Hendi, the brothers who founded the shop, are themselves Syrian immigrants to Canada. Now, alongside veal and Turkish delight, they offer translation help, advice on where to find a mosque and they're even hiring newcomers to work in their shop.

      CBC Radio's Andrea Bellemare paid a visit recently and found out how being helpful has also been good for business.