Kids with disabilities show off creative costumes for accessible Halloween

Families with the KidsAbility Centre for Child Development got the chance to celebrate Halloween a night early at the organization's annual trick-or-treating party. The costumes were top-notch.

Low-key trick-or-treating and relaxed activities offered by region's Kidsability Centre

Kaden, a precocious fan of Murdoch Mysteries, came dressed as Detective Murdoch. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)

Families who attend the KidsAbility Centre for Child Development had the chance to celebrate Halloween a night early at the centre's annual trick-or-treating party Wednesday.

The night is an opportunity for kids to celebrate the holiday in a relaxed environment. For some, it's a practice run for a second round of trick-or-treating on Halloween night. 

"It's a really good opportunity for them to sort of get a sense of what might actually be in store for them [on Halloween]," said KidsAbility CEO Linda Kenny.

Many families also use the night as an opportunity to showcase their costume design skills. You can check out the photos below.

Kaiden is dressed as Animal from the Muppets. He's pictured with his mom, Melissa. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Five-year-old Greyson wants to be a pilot when he grows up, and came to the party dressed as an airplane. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Liam and Finn are pictured with their mom, Lindsay, and her boyfriend, Greg. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Dexter and Addison are dressed as Iron Man and Elsa from the movie Frozen. Centre is baby Ronan, dressed as a baby shark. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Nicholas Lezeu (centre) hopes to be a doctor and came to the party dressed as one. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Brothers Owen and Hudson Furtado came dressed as a fluffy chicken and a farmer. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Renee Williams and her son, Jackson, pull out all the stops when it comes to costumes. Past costumes of Jackson's include a hot air balloon, a kissing booth and a barrel of monkeys. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
Sisters Sophia, Everly and Selena are pictured with their dad. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)
CEO Linda Kenny got in the spirit with a cape and fascinator. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC)