Kitchener-Waterloo celebrates Canada Day 2017

Heavy rain didn't stop people from coming out to celebrate Canada Day in Kitchener-Waterloo.

People braved rainy weather to celebrate the country's 150th birthday

Many in Kitchener-Waterloo celebrated Canada Day despite the thunderstorm earlier in the day. (Carmen Ponciano/CBC)

Saturday's thunderstorm didn't stop people from celebrating Canada Day in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Many made their way to downtown Kitchener to enjoy live music events as many Canadian country artists performed at the large stage set up outside Kitchener City Hall.

Earlier in the day, 25 people became Canadian citizens at a special ceremony.

Kitchener City hall was decorated for Canada Day. (Carmen Ponciano/CBC)

Others made their way to Columbia Lake for the 33rd annual University of Waterloo Canada Day celebration, known for its fireworks display.

The event also celebrates the university's 60th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Students.

Many gathered at Columbia Lake as the University of Waterloo put on their 33rd annual event. (Carmen Ponciano/CBC)
Kava Bean Bistro in downtown Kitchener was one of many businesses that were decorated for Canada Day. (Carmen Ponciano/ CBC)
University of Waterloo's Canada Day celebration at Columbia Lake is popularly known for the fireworks display. (Carmen Ponciano/CBC)
Live music for Canada Day celebrations in downtown Kitchener took a country style twist. (Carmen Ponciano/CBC)