Severe thunderstorm watch for Waterloo region and Guelph ended

A severe thunderstorm watch for Waterloo region and Guelph has ended, according to Environment Canada.

Strong winds and heavy rain was possible Thursday afternoon

Waterloo region and Guelph are under a severe thunderstorm watch. Environment Canada is warning strong winds, heavy downpour and possible hail could be on the way this afternoon. (Jackie Sharkey/CBC)

A severe thunderstorm watch for Waterloo region and Guelph Thursday afternoon has ended.

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the areas earlier in the day, warning that weather conditions were favourable to produce strong winds, heavy rain and possible hail.

"These thunderstorms may be capable of producing very strong wind gusts of 100 km/h," the agency had said in a release.

Strong winds could cause damage to weak buildings and trees. The heavy rain could also cause pooling on roads and "flash floods." 

Other municipalities across southern Ontario continue to be under a severe thunderstorm watch and, in some areas, a severe thunderstorm warning.

Environment Canada issues storm watches when weather conditions are favourable for the development of heavy rainfall, strong winds and hail.