James Rhodes quits Kitchener mayor's race, now backs Dan Glenn-Graham

Kitchener candidate James Rhodes says he is withdrawing from the race for mayor and will be putting his support behind Dan Glenn-Graham.

But late withdrawal means candidate remains on the ballot

Rhodes said he felt Glenn-Graham shared his views on fiscal responsibility, transparency and providing more services for the mentally and physically disadvantaged in the city. (Matthew Kang/CBC)

Kitchener mayoral candidate James Rhodes is withdrawing from the race, and says he will now support rival Dan Glenn-Graham instead. 

In a press release Tuesday, Rhodes said his reasons for withdrawing came after he found he and Glenn-Graham shared many views about municipal politics. 

"He's about action. We can look at his past term and see that he has always been there for the people," said Rhodes. "I believe him when he talks about wanting to be fiscally responsible and get a grapple on property tax increases and bring them down."

Glenn-Graham said he was honoured by Rhodes' decision, adding that throwing such support for a rival candidate is unexpected in races at the municipal level.

"It's shocking and it's really an honour. James and I have spoken a number of times and we both have said that if we weren't running, we would vote for the other person," said Glenn-Graham.

Although Rhodes isn't interested in the mayoralty, his name remains on the ballot because he has already filed nomination papers and the deadline to withdraw from the election was Sept. 12.

"It concerns me about the confusion that it's going to put into the race and into voters minds going forward," said mayoral candidate Berry Vrbanovic in response to the development.

The municipal election will be held on October 27.