Kitchener cannabis company can grow more weed after boosting production capacity

James E. Wagner Cultivation says it's able to boost its production capacity because the system they created to grow cannabis plans is providing higher-than-expected yields.

Company says system they developed for growing helps them get more from each plant

In this file photo from September 2018, William Werth, left, James E. Wagner Cultivation's chief technology officer stands with company CEO Nathan Woodworth in the company's facility on Manitou Drive, the former Lear plant in Kitchener. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

A Kitchener cannabis company says it can grow more weed because the growing system they designed is generating a higher yield from the plants than expected.

James E. Wagner Cultivation says it will have the ability to produce 35,000 kilograms of cannabis flower per year when their newest facility on Manitou Drive is at full capacity, up from the 30,000 kg the company had previously projected.

The company created an aeroponic system named GrowthStorm Dual Droplet. The company says it was believed the system would yield 204 grams per plant. Now, they say the system yields 261 grams per plant.

Last month, the company received a licence amendment from Health Canada to allow for the sale of formulated cannabis oil. The company sells the oil to medical patients.

In July the company also received approval from Health Canada to expand the Manitou Drive location to add flowering rooms.


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