Jackie Sharkey

Associate Producer, CBC KW

Jackie Sharkey has worked all over the country with the CBC over the past decade, including Kelowna, Quebec City and Rankin Inlet, NU. She frequently reports on the arts and is particularly interested in stories where consumer and environmental issues intersect.

Latest from Jackie Sharkey

This week to be 'substantially colder than normal,' says Environment Canada

It was colder than usual over the weekend, with temperatures just a few degrees above freezing, and it's "all downhill from here," according to one Environment Canada metrologist.

What CUPE's deal means for Ontario's teacher negotiations

With the CUPE negotiations completed, experts watching Ontario's education system labour negotiations say teacher unions could learn a thing or two from their colleagues as they sit down this month with school boards and the province.

How polkadot windows now protect birds at Pinery Provincial Park

Staff at Pinery Provincial Park, on the shores of Lake Huron, are applying thousands of tiny vinyl squares on the windows of the park's visitor centre in hopes that it will reduce bird strikes — which kill 25 million birds annually.

Ontario schools team up to welcome international students at Pearson airport

A group of current and past international students are staffing a welcome kiosk at Pearson International Airport, hoping to ease the arrival for new students coming to Canada to study.

Pot and your pet: Veterinarians seeing more THC toxicity in dogs

Veterinarians are recommending people be more vigilant while walking their pets as more dogs are experiencing THC toxicity now that cannabis is legal.

Journeymen, apprentices compete to become 'Best Electrician in North America'

Qualifier matches are being held all over Canada to find the Best Electrician in North America.

How Stratford Festival is adapting to a post-#MeToo world

Stratford Festival says it's working to include more diverse voices, production staff and actors to its repertoire, to be "more inclusive of half the population of the world," says artistic director Antoni Cimolino.

Feeling nostalgic? Try Stratford Festival's fresh take on The Neverending Story

Movie remakes are all the rage right now, and cashing in on the trend, Stratford Festival is putting its own spin on the 1980s classic movie The Neverending Story this season.

Stratford Festival actors inspired by white supremacists, convicted killer for Shakespearean role

Shakespeare's Iago is one of the playwright's most beloved and reviled villains. Four current and former Iagos at Stratford Festival dissect what makes the character such a masterful manipulator.

Downtown Kitchener's J & P Grocery closing after 2.5 years

People living and working in downtown Kitchener will have one fewer place to buy groceries, as J&P Grocery announced Tuesday it's closing down at the end of the day.

Stratford Festival's male dancers pirouette past ballet stigma

The stigma facing male ballet dancers has all but vanished for the young cast of Stratford Festival's Billy Elliot. Just a decade ago, young men often felt they had to hide their passion for dance from their peers.

This Waterloo triple amputee uses comedy to break the ice with her Fringe audiences

Waterloo comic Courtney Gilmour takes her one-woman show to Toronto Fringe this weekend. She draws heavily on odd encounters with strangers, and and how they react to her disability, for her material.

11 things you (probably) didn't know about Stratford Festival

In most professional theatres in North America, a company picks one show and runs it for a set number of weeks — but not at Stratford Festival. At full capacity, the festival has 12 shows on three stages. Here's how they make the magic happen.

Trash or Treasure? Food scraps could replace fossil fuels, research suggests

Engineers at the University of Waterloo say they've found a way to transform table scraps into a replacement for fossil fuels, providing clean energy and an alternative to petrochemical plastics.

Families of children with autism under 'severe stress': Report

Families of children with autism are under "severe stress" as they juggle advocating for their children, arranging treatment and tending to their own busy lives, according to a new study by the Laurier Autism Research Consortium in Waterloo, Ont.