Humane Society seeking seeking owner of abandoned puppies

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth says they are hoping the public can help them locate the owner of 10 abandoned puppies who have been separated from their mother at a very young age.

Organization says abandoning animals is a serious offence and team can decide whether charges need to be laid

Ten puppies were found abandoned in McLennan Park on August 9. The Humane Society believes the puppies were just days old, if not one day old. (Supplied by The Humans Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth)

The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society is seeking the public's assistance in finding the owner of 10 puppies who were found abandoned in McLennan Park on August 9. 

The puppies were found together, near the BMX bike section of the park, by a community member who brought them to the humane society.

Calla Spencer, the humane society's senior manager of marketing and communications, told CBC Kitchener-Waterloo that the puppies were "days old, if not a day old." 

"No mum was around them so right now, they are currently under treatment with our veterinary team and our foster parents," she said.

Spencer said the puppies were too young to be away from their mother and that puppies do well when they are with their mothers, especially at that age. 

The puppies are now being cared for by the veterinary team at the humane society. (Supplied by The Humans Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth)

"Some of them are doing very well, others are a little bit touch and go," said Spencer. " We're doing everything we possibly can to make sure they have a really strong start at life." 

The humane society is also looking for help locating the owner of these puppies. 

"If anyone is aware of anyone that's owned a dog that recently had puppies, or if they have any other information regarding individuals who may have abandoned the litter, we really are encouraging them to reach out to our team."

Spencer reminds the public that abandoning animals is a serious offence and can lead to a cruelty offence. She says if the person is identified, it will be the decision of the animal protection team at the humane society to decide whether the person will be charged. 

She said she wants to remind the public to not abandon their animals and if for any reason a person can't manage them, they should reach out to the humane society for assistance.