Towering giant hogweed removed after Guelph resident tip

Guelph city officials posted a photo of the weed towering over a city worker to Facebook, saying the resident’s quick thinking stopped the plant from dropping between 20,00 and 50,000 seeds.

Officials say resident tip prevented up to 50K of seeds from falling from plant

The City of Guelph posted this photo to Facebook, saying crews removed the giant hogweed Tuesday morning thanks to a tip from a resident. (City of Guelph/Facebook)

Guelph city staff removed a giant hogweed plant Tuesday morning after getting tipped off by a city resident.

Officials posted a photo to Facebook of the weed towering over a city worker, saying a resident's quick thinking alerted them to the plant before it could drop between 20,00 and 50,000 seeds.

That number of seeds could take up to a decade to get rid of if they germinated and grew new plants, the post said. 

The discovery and removal of the plant comes after Guelph warned hikers to watch out for giant hogweed in May, when some was discovered on a trail.

The weed's sap can cause severe burns, and the invasive plant is considered a public health hazard.

The plant itself can grow up to four metres in height.

Anyone who comes in contact with the plant is advised to wash their affected skin immediately, keep the area out of sunlight and seek medical attention immediately.