High school makes superhero capes for children with cancer

Students at the Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus are helping kids with cancer get a boost, by making superhero caps for them to wear.

Fergus high school students make superhero capes

Students and teachers at Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus pose with the superhero capes they've made for children fighting cancer. (Amanda Grant/CBC)

Students at the Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus are helping children with cancer get a boost, by making superhero capes for the children to wear. 

"Then they can be greater and do greater things and just feel good about themselves and also have that sense of play and bring back that kind of child aspect, because they have that taken away from them when they're going through an illness like that," said Taylor Francis, a student at CWDHS.  

The initiative is called "Kick It Capes" and began after Fergus teacher Kate Heasman brought the idea to Tracy Brubacher, who teaches clothing and fashion at the high school. 

Heasman herself was inspired by a friend, Tara McCallan, who created the Happy Soul Project to celebrate children with differences and promote gratitude. McCallan's daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. 

McCallan started making the capes after a friend's son was diagnosed with cancer. According to her website, over 400 "Kick-It Capes" have already been made and delivered to children. 

The students at CWDHS have taken to the cape project with gusto. 

"We have 28 capes in three sizes and three different colour combos and logos. So we're pretty excited they're going to be sent off and go to a variety of different kids in a variety of different places," said Brubacher.  

Students hope the capes will help the children stay strong and battle through cancer. 

"A lot of the time thinking that you'll come out of it, a lot of the time that happens. With these capes it gives a positive 'Oh! we're superheros. We can get through anything,'" said student Brodie Workman.