'Modern twist' in royal wedding to spark new trends: Kitchener wedding planner

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married this Saturday and it's expected to be a non-traditional wedding as far as royal nuptials go. A Kitchener wedding planner says new wedding trends in the region will follow shortly after the big day.

Meghan Markle expected to go non-traditional on the big day

After the wedding of the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William in 2011, some brides wanted a dress similar to what Kate wore on her big day. Lace also made a comeback, Ainsley Poirier-Craig says. (Phil Noble/Reuters)

New wedding trends may be coming with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal nuptials this weekend – whether it's the colours used, flowers or the style of Meghan's dress, says a Kitchener wedding planner.

"Just like any celebrity wedding, it does have a huge impact on a lot of the trends when it comes to the dress, the cake, the flowers," said Ainsley Poirier-Craig, owner and lead planner of Fresh Look Design.

She said especially because the couple is looking for more of a "modern twist on the royal wedding," there'll be a larger impact on the upcoming wedding trends.

Viewers across the globe will be watching the bride's dress closely, but when it comes with a hefty royal price tag, it could be difficult to replicate for the average Ontario bride-to-be.

Poirier-Craig said people could do a bit of a "replica," and use "different materials, different design details or pieces of what Meghan would be wearing," such as copying the style or the train of the dress.

When Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, got married, her dress cost a reported $552,000.

Ainsley Poirier-Craig is a wedding planner at Fresh Look Design in Kitchener. (www.freshlookdesign.ca)

Adopting the royal wedding in your own

While the dress may be difficult to replicate, other elements could be easier to incorporate if you have a wedding coming up this summer, Poirier-Craig said, especially because Markle and Prince Harry are looking to do certain things against tradition.

"[Meghan] is talking about using peonies as it's one of her favourite flowers," she said.

Instead of the traditional fruitcake, Markle may also be opting for butter cream. She she wants more children involved instead of having a row of bridesmaids by her side.

Currently, violet, spring green and pops of fuchsia are the popular colours for summer weddings, Poirier-Craig said. But that could change depending on what people see this weekend.

"I do think that now that the royal wedding is focused on gardens and sort of that look, I think you'll see a shift in the design as it comes to next year," she said.

What will Meghan wear? Poirier-Craig said so far they are keeping it hush-hush so there will be more of a surprise on the big day. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)