'Daffy:' Hamilton mayor on Cambridge councillor's idea to annex Flamborough

Hamilton's mayor says an idea by a Cambridge councillor to have Flamborough join Cambridge is "daffy."

'Surely there are more pressing issues in Cambridge,' Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger says

Cambridge Coun. Nicholas Ermeta, who is seeking re-election in the Oct. 22 municipal election, says he wants to see Flamborough, which is part of Hamilton, instead become part of Cambridge. (Jackie Sharkey/CBC)

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger says a plan by Nicholas Ermeta to have Flamborough become part of Cambridge is "daffy."

Eisenberger, who is seeking re-election, tweeted the comments Thursday afternoon.

"Another daffy notion from a Cambridge councillor looking for attention," Eisenberger tweeted. "Surely there are more pressing issues in Cambridge that needs to be taken care off [sic]."

Eisenberger also used the hashtag #sillyseason and questioned whether Ermeta was "smoking something."

Ermeta, who is the incumbent ward 8 councillor in Cambridge and who is seeking re-election, proposed Flamborough should become part of Cambridge this week in an interview with CBC K-W.

He said it was because Flamborough had been split up by new municipal boundaries in Hamilton and it was in danger of losing its "rural voice."

Ermeta said he hopes the provincial government will consider the suggestion as it reviews municipal governments.

Ermeta has also suggested during this campaign that the Region of Waterloo should become a local services board.

When reached for comment on these suggestions, a spokesperson for Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark said, "It would be inappropriate for the minister to comment on issues raised during an ongoing municipal campaign."

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