City bus-Tesla crash in Guelph under investigation: Police

Police in Guelph are investigating after a city bus collided with a Tesla on Monday. Investigators are reviewing footage from a dash cam that was waiting at the intersection where the collision occurred.

'Dash cams are very helpful in a lot of our collision investigations,' Const. Rebecca Pitcher says

A crash between a Guelph Transit bus and a Tesla sedan is currently under investigation, police say.

The crash happened Monday on snow covered roads at the intersection of Wellington Street E. and Wyndham Street S. near the downtown core. Police say there were no injuries in the crash. Charges are pending.

Police say part of the investigation will including looking at dashcam video posted online. The video went viral among Guelph social media users. The video was posted to YouTube by user Thomas Murdoch.

Const. Rebecca Pitcher said videos that show collisions like the one between the bus and Tesla can really help investigators.

"It gives the police another set of eyes in terms of the accident. As well, we take into consideration the witness statements," she said. "The dash cams are very helpful in a lot of our collision investigations."

Pitcher said investigators are aware of the video on YouTube, but they also need to determine the authenticity of it and she wasn't able to say if that had happened yet.


  • An earlier version of this story indicated the collision happened on Tuesday when in fact, it happened on Monday.
    Feb 27, 2019 8:23 AM ET


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