Coach Dave Scott-Thomas fired after new details heard about 2006 misconduct complaint

The University of Guelph has released more details about investigations into former running coach Dave Scott-Thomas, including about a misconduct investigation in 2006.

Speed River Track and Field Club also announces it will cease operations

University of Guelph track coach Dave Scott-Thomas was investigated in 2006 for misconduct and placed on four weeks of paid leave. The university said Thursday that it received new information in the fall of 2019 that made it clear Scott-Thomas had "lied repeatedly in 2006 about several significant matters" and that new information is what led to him being fired. (Submitted by the University of Guelph)

The University of Guelph has released more details about investigations into former running coach Dave Scott-Thomas, although still has not disclosed what allegations have been made against him.

On Thursday, the university said it received a complaint from a family member of a student-athlete in 2006. An investigation by the university with an independent, external investigator determined at the time that some misconduct had taken place. Scott-Thomas was suspended for four weeks with pay.

In the fall of 2019, the university says it received a complaint from another student-athlete about Scott-Thomas and while an investigation into that complaint was underway, the university received more information "that made it clear Scott-Thomas had lied repeatedly in 2006 about several significant matters."

A news release from the university says it was that new information that led to the university to terminate its relationship with the track coach, as the accusations violated the university's coaches code of conduct. The university has not disclosed to CBC what unprofessional conduct Scott-Thomas had been accused of.

"Had the university been aware in 2006 of this information, it would have terminated its relationship with Scott-Thomas at that time," the university's statement said.

"We are saddened to learn that some student-athletes coached by Scott-Thomas had unacceptable experiences and we offer an apology to those who endured suffering and hardship."

Athletics Canada announced it was probing the background of the former track coach Scott-Thomas from the years 2006 to 2013. The university says it will help with the investigation by providing information or assistance "as appropriate."

Speed River club ceases operations

The Speed River Track and Field Club in Guelph says it has ceased all operations related to athlete training and development, as well as hosting events.

The announcement is the latest news in the scandal involving former track coach Dave Scott-Thomas. He was a head coach for the club and worked with a number of national athletes who participated in competitions including the Olympics. He has has not actively coached any club athletes since October.

A letter posted on the track club's website from general manager Scott MacDonald says they are developing a new plan.

"Moving forward, there are initiatives underway to create a new training platform in which our top priority is to ensure continue programming for track and field athletes in our community in a fun, safe and caring environment," MacDonald wrote.

"As you are aware, the last few weeks have presented challenges for continued club management and our registration portal was disabled for 2020."