Guelph police investigate sudden death on Gordon Street

Guelph Police continue to investigate a sudden death that occurred at 1541 Gordon St. S, in Guelph on Tuesday.
There was a heavy police presence at Gordon St. S., in Guelph on Tuesday. (Melanie Ferrier/CBC)

Guelph Police continue to investigate a sudden death that occurred at 1541 Gordon St. S, in Guelph on Tuesday. 

Police were called to a red-brick bungalow at 9:45 a.m., said police spokesperson Const. Mike Gatto 

Tactical, canine and identification units responded to the call, as did fire and ambulance.

"We had to take extra precautions, because we didn't know what we were dealing with," said Gatto, adding that police initially closed off the block and a portion of Gordon Street. The street has now been opened to traffic, but as of Tuesday afternoon the home was still cordoned off with yellow police tape. 

We're still trying to determine what we're dealing with.-Const. Mike Gatto, Guelph Police Service 

Al Vanderlaan was walking down Gordon Street when the first police cars arrived on the scene.

"There were many more police cars than you see now," Vanderlaan said.

"I saw a few police officers walking around with guns. Then the canine unit ... went in and then I heard a dog bark and that's all we know."

Carrie Sekenda, who lives behind 1541 Gordon St. S.,  said she saw police cars at either end of her street when she went out to walk her dog. 

"Of course, I secured my house." she said. "I don't know if somebody is out in the area. I just don't feel safe."

At around 1 p.m., CBC's Melanie Ferrier saw between three and five police officers armed with firearms coming from the backyard. The officers pointed their guns into a car on the driveway and looked underneath the car using a mirror attached to a long stick. The police then walked to the front of the property.

By 2:00 p.m., only two police vehicles and a mobile command centre were at the scene.

Although the death continues to be investigated, police say there is no threat to the public.