Guelph barbershop to serve beer, liquor

"I really like the atmosphere of the meeting place in a community," says owner.

Customers at Matthew's Barbershop in Guelph can now get a haircut and a cold one.

Matthew Forbes' traditional barbershop is adding liquor to the menu. (

A Guelph barbershop will now be serving beer and liquor to its customers.

Owner Matthew Forbes recently applied for and was granted a license to serve alcohol at Matthew's Barbershop — his modest Macdonell Street shop.

"I'm aware that traditional barbershops in the past used to serve alcohol," he told CBC News. "I thought it would add a nice dimension to the barbershop."

On the drink menu, Forbes plans to include craft beer, scotch, whiskey and bourbon.

He hopes that having these drinks will give customers a chance to relax, and also foster a sense of community at the shop.

"I want the vibe of the shop to be really easy" he said. "A place where you walk into the door, I greet you, and you instantly relax. You feel like you belong."

Forbes hopes to start serving as soon as Saturday.