Grocery store to open on Queen Street in downtown Kitchener

Sarah Pepper says she and her partner wanted a place in downtown Kitchener where they could buy groceries and when she found out others wanted the same thing, she decided to open a store.

J and P Grocery opening this fall

The Goudies Lane entrance to the future J and P Grocery Store in downtown Kitchener. (Joe Pavia/CBC News)

A grocery store is scheduled to open in downtown Kitchener on Queen Street this fall. 

J and P Grocery Store will be located behind the Vidyard office on 8 Queen Street between Duke Street and King Street. One entrance will be off Goudie's Lane, the other from the parking lot facing Ontario Street.

Co-owner Sarah Pepper said the need for opening the store came from living in the downtown with her partner. Both wanted a place they could shop that was within walking distance.

"You need somewhere you can walk or drive a little ways to get what you need. There's absolutely nothing downtown that gives you that full service stop," said Pepper.

"And that's what we really wanted for ourselves. Then as we started delving into this a little bit deeper, we discovered that's what most of the residents in the downtown want."

Location similar to big city centre grocery stores

Pepper explains the location will look like something similar to a store in a larger city centre, where grocery stores are condensed and located under a condo building, but still have almost everything.

"We may not have 50 types of crackers like the supermarket, but we're going to have 10 or 15 and we're going to have something that you're going like and something you're going to want. And hopefully [you] will come shop with us, a little more convenient, a little bit more friendly and a little bit more local."

Besides crackers, the store will offer produce, meat, dairy and other dry goods,  as well as grab-and-go lunches. Above the store will be a mezzanine where coffee will be served.