GO adds 2 cars to 'peak' morning, afternoon K-W trains

GO Transit says effective Monday it's adding seats on two morning and two evening trains on the existing Kitchener-Toronto run during peak times.
GO trains in the morning from Kitchener and in the afternoon coming back from Toronto will be longer by two cars starting Monday. (CBC)

GO Transit says it's adding seats on two morning and two evening trains on the existing Kitchener-Toronto run.

The ministry said starting on Monday, two cars will be added to "peak trips that originate and end at Kitchener GO, expanding the length of the train from 10 to 12 cars."

The trains to be lengthened are:

  • 204: K-W (05:24 departure) to Toronto Union Station (07:27 arrival)
  • 212: K-W (06:47 departure) to Toronto Union Station (08:50 arrival)
  • 211: Toronto Union Station (17:50 departure) to K-W (19:57 arrival)
  • 289: Toronto Union Station (18:50 departure) to KW (20:57 arrival)

In a release Thursday, Minister of Transportation John Yakabuski said, "our plan to get people moving includes delivering two-way, all-day GO service. We look forward to improving the transit experience for all Ontarians."

The announcement also included the addition of a new rush hour train trip from Malton GO to Toronto's Union Station in the morning.

No new commuting train services were announced that would allow people living outside Waterloo region to commute to daily jobs here.