'Water(loo) is rising': Demonstrators gather for climate rallies in Waterloo region

Large crowds gathered in Waterloo and Cambridge on Friday for local demonstrations of the Global Climate Strike.

Waving signs and chanting, demonstrators gather in Waterloo and Cambridge

An estimated 4,000 people gathered in uptown Waterloo Friday for a demonstration that was part of the Global Climate Strike. (Joe Pavia/CBC)

Large crowds gathered in Waterloo and Cambridge on Friday for local demonstrations of the Global Climate Strike.

In Waterloo, police estimated at least 4,000 people gathered in uptown Waterloo, filling the square and even openings in the parking garage across the street.

"We are all in this together," "I'm sure the dinosaurs thought they had time, too" and "Water(loo) is rising" signs and banners bobbed in the crowd.

Chris Bell and his daughter, Hanna, attended the demonstration in Waterloo. (Joe Pavia/CBC)

Chris Bell and his wife Emma Stewart brought their baby daughter Hanna to the rally.

"There's nothing more important in the world than climate change right now. More important than any issue in the world and for her future. It's crucial," Stewart said.

"Just listen to the people here. We've all been let down. We all want our voices heard. We all have one goal, it's climate action."

People took the uptown Waterloo square, the surrounding streets and even the parking garage across the road from the square. (Joe Pavia/CBC)
People brought homemade signs to Friday's rally to express their thoughts on climate change and be part of the Global Climate Strike. (Joe Pavia/CBC)
People chanted and waved homemade signs as they gathered in uptown Waterloo for the local event, which was part of the Global Climate Strike. (Joe Pavia/CBC)


People also gathered in Cambridge for the rally, which was organized by Glenview Park Secondary School student Gracie Hoffman.

She said students weren't going to the rally simply to skip school, which some critics have alleged.

"You can come for whatever reason you want to as long as you're there and you're listening and you're part of the conversation," she told CBC.


  • An earlier version of this story used the incorrect last name for Emily Stewart.
    Sep 28, 2019 7:37 AM ET


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