More people getting flu vaccine this year in Waterloo region

Waterloo Region public health says the number of flu vaccines sent to local healthcare providers is tracking higher this season compared to last year, indicating the number of people getting vaccinated is also up.

Provincial pharmacy numbers show more needles-in-arms

If you count the number of vaccines being sent to local healthcare providers, it looks like more people in Waterloo Region are getting their flu shot this season compared to last year.

Locally the number of vaccines delivered to pharmacies, doctors officers, urgent care clinics and long term care facilities are tracking higher, said Linda Black, the manager of the Vaccine Preventable Program for Region of Waterloo Public Health  

"In the total season last year we distributed about 100,000 doses, from October 2015 to the end of April, 30th 2016," said Black."

"For this year, up until the end of 2016 we've delivered almost 96,000 doses."

​As for vaccines sent to local pharmacies, 46,000 were received as of December 31st, of 2016, compared to the 40,000 distributed all of last season.

Vaccines are available

The actual number of injections delivered isn't available at the local level but provincial numbers also suggest an increase of needles-in-arms at pharmacy locations.

The region's public health says it's still not too late to roll-up your sleeve.

Black says they are set to send out more vaccines to doctors, long term care home, urgent care and workplace agencies.

All numbers are tracked between October of the previous year to the end of April the following year. Final data for this year will be released when the flu season ends April, 30th, 2017.