Flood warnings issued for Grand River watershed after heavy rain

Grand Valley and Drayton residents woke up to some flooding on Sunday morning, as 20-40 mm of rainfall overnight was added to the upper Grand River watershed.

Grand Valley and Drayton residents had to deal with flooding on Sunday morning after the upper Grand River watershed was hit with 20-40 millimetres of rainfall overnight.

With more rain forecast for Monday morning, the Grand River Conservation Authority said Grand Valley and West Montrose could experience further flooding.

The GRCA is also extending its flood warning from April 11 for the Upper Grand, Conestogo and Speed Rivers. It has continued a flood watch for the Nith River.

Here are the specific warnings from the GRCA for each river in the area:

Grand River in Grand Valley and Waterloo Region

Grand Valley will continue to see flooding in the Upper Grand River through Sunday. Waterloo Region residents in West Montrose will also see flooding through Sunday and early Monday.

County Road 25 in Grand Valley will remain closed until further notice.

Conestogo River in Drayton and St. Jacobs

The bridge across the Conestogo river on Three Bridges Road upstream of St. Jacobs is closed until further notice due to high water levels.

Speed River in Cambridge

The Black Bridge and the walking trail under Highway 401 are closed until further notice. 

Grand River in Brant County, Six Nations, Brantford and Haldimand County

High flows in the southern Grand River could lead to several road closures, including Six Nations 4th Line at Bateman Line, Gilkison Street in Brantford, and Grand Sports Drive south of York in Haldimand County.