Fire at Guelph recycling facility under investigation

The Guelph Fire Department is investigating a fire that broke out at the Guelph waste processing centre Saturday afternoon.

Fire required response from 5 stations due to size of facility and "extremely" large amount of garbage on fire

Guelph fire crews arrived at the transfers station of the Wet-Dry facility at around 2:43 p.m. Saturday and found heavy smoke coming from the building. (CP)

The Guelph Fire Department continues to investigate the cause of a fire at Guelph's Wet-Dry facility on Saturday afternoon.

Fire crews arrived at the scene at around 2:43 p.m. Saturday and found smoke coming from the transfers station at the recycling facility.

The fire required response from five stations due to the facility's large interior area and the "extremely" large amount of garbage that was on fire.

"Heavy smoke was encountered when firefighters entered the building," the Guelph Fire Department said in a release. 

However, firefighters were able to contain the fire inside the building and were able to quickly extinguish it. 

Staff evacuated the building before fire crews arrived.

No one was injured.

The Guelph Fire Prevention Division continues to investigate.