Man, 63, in motorized wheelchair killed in crash on Gordon St.

A Guelph man, operating a motorized wheelchair, was killed in a collision on Gordon Street between Clair Road and Maltby Road Thursday night.

Stretch of road not part of Project Corridor investigation

A 63 year-old-man was killed in a collision involving a motorized wheelchair and a vehicle Thursday evening in the south-end of Guelph.

Guelph Police Service said the victim was travelling northwards in the southbound curb lanes of Gordon Street near Poppy Drive when his wheelchair was hit by a vehicle travelling southbound on Gordon Street.

The collision happened around 6:00 p.m. At the time, the weather was transitioning from rain to snow with strong winds.

Outside Project Corridor zone

Earlier this week, Guelph Police launched Project Corridor, an enforcement and education campaign along Gordon Street. 

Cst. Buzz Dean with the Guelph Police Service said Thursday night's fatal collision happened south of the stretch of road police are focussing on for Project Corridor.

"The stretch of road is problematic because there are no sidewalks in that particular spot," said Dean.

"Anyone that would have to access the roadway, either as a pedestrian or a motorized wheelchair would be forced onto the road."

Gordon Street between Clair Road and Maltby Drive was closed for several hours due to the police investigation.

Project Corridor is focussing on the section of Clair Road to Waterloo Avenue. Since being launched this week there have been at least two collisions.

Cst. Dean said the full statistics from Project Corridor won't be released until Friday, Nov. 17.