Increased drug offences could see more officers on duty at music festival

Waterloo Regional Police may had more duty officers at the 2018 version of the Ever After Music Festival following a high number of drug offences at this year's festival held last month.

242 drug offences reported at Ever After Music Festival last month in Kitchener

Musician Dion Timmer tweeted this photo from the Ever After Music Fest at Bingemans in June. (@diontimmermusic/Twitter)

More police officers may be assigned to next year's Ever After Music Festival following a high number of drug-related offences at the three day event last month in Kitchener.

Police said 129 drug offences were reported among 242 service calls, which also included public intoxication and medical calls, at the three day event which was held at Bingemans on June 2-4.

Staff Sgt. Pat Smola of the Waterloo Regional Police major events unit said the high number of drugs seized increased the workload on the private security hired to patrol the main gate.

"We are definitely going to look at an increase," Smola said. "The big area that we're going to need to add additional resources, is the front main gate screening area."

Range of drugs seized

Everyone was searched entering the event and anyone in possession of an illegal substance were turned over to the police. Officers on duty would determine if charges were going to be laid. Drugs seized ranged from ecstasy, MDMA, to marijuana and cocaine.

Waterloo Regional Police had 35 officers patrolling the gate and the venue on each day of the 2017 event.

The electronic dance music festival attracts people between the ages of 16 to 25. This year, 8,000 attended the event on Friday night and 15,000 on both Saturday and Sunday.

"Overall people are coming there to enjoy themselves and have a good time and for the most part people are really pleasant to deal with at these events," Smola said.