Guelph police seize $68K in cocaine, $19K in fentanyl in 'largest drug seizure' of 2020

Three people have been arrested and more than $87,000 worth of drugs seized in the largest drug bust of 2020, Guelph police say.

Arrest of Mississauga man represents ‘significant dent’ in city’s drug supply, police say

Guelph Police say the amount of fentanyl seized represents 880 "potentially lethal" doses. (Submitted by Guelph Police)

Three people have been arrested and more than $87,000 worth of drugs have been seized in the largest drug bust of its kind in 2020, Guelph police say.

Police say officers searched a home on Liverpool Street on Thursday. 

As a result, they charged a 34-year-old Mississauga man with three counts of possession for the purposes of trafficking, and possession of property obtained by crime.

After searching his car, police say they found:

  • 682.37g of cocaine in a pressed brick. The street value of this cocaine, by the gram is $68,200. Sold by the ounce, the street value would be approximately $39000.
  • 48.59g of white fentanyl.
  • 17.37g of brown fentanyl.
  • 22.7g purple fentanyl.
  • The total weight of the fentanyl seized is 88.66g. Police say the street value of this fentanyl is $19,000 if sold by the gram.
  • 32 percocet pills containing oxycodone. The value of these pills is $160 each.
  • Approximately $30,000 in cash.

Police also arrested a 30-year-old Guelph man and a 22-year-old Guelph woman. They both have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of stolen property.

Inside their home, police say they found:

  • 12 weapons including swords, knives, hatchets, and daggers.
  • 1 compound crossbow with a scope.
  • 2 functioning digital scales.
  • 0.34 grams crystal methamphetamine.
  • $665 in cash.
  • A stolen cheque.

"The arrest of the male party from Mississauga represents a significant dent to the drug supply into the City of Guelph," Detective Sergeant Brad Saint said in a news release.

"It appears that this male's sole purpose was to come to Guelph to traffic drugs to our citizens."

There have been 140 overdoses to date in 2020 and 15 have been fatal, police noted in the release. Police say the amount of fentanyl seized is equivalent of 880 "potentially lethal" doses.

Police say they seized more than 680 grams of cocaine. (Submitted by Guelph Police)