Take 31 minutes today to get creative, urges Waterloo social media project

The Create 31 project on Instagram asks people to spend 31 minutes a day this month doing something creative.

Create 31 project invites people to spend 31 minutes a day doing something creative

As part of the Create 31 project, the Kitchener group Onion Honey is asking people to draw a pie chart about something meaningful to them. This pie chart represents the band's composition. (Submitted by Josh Bean)

The City of Waterloo wants you to take 31 minutes out of every day this month to do something creative.

The Create 31 project was dreamed up by the city's arts and culture department as a way to give people something fun to do while cooped up at home.

For 31 days during January, a new creative prompt is posted every day through the Create Waterloo Instagram.

But don't worry if you failed art class: There is no special skill required and many prompts don't involve any sort of drawing or artistic talent.

"I hope people take away … that anyone can do art and everyone has to start somewhere," said Josh Bean, the city's events specialist.

One prompt from the Kitchener musical group Onion Honey asks people to draw a pie chart about a favourite activity. Another invites them to try making the five "weirdest" sounds they can using objects found around the house.

Working the brain differently

The project is inspired by the National Football League's "Play 60" campaign, aimed at getting kids moving for an hour a day. Bean said carving out time for creativity is also important for people of all ages.

"It's about teaching your mind how to work in different ways," said Bean.

Josh Bean said he hopes people will find other ways to bring creativity into their lives in the months to come. (Submitted by Josh Bean)

"The more you become familiar with that portion of your brain and thinking outside the box, the more you can apply that in all other areas of your life, whether it's, you know, how to be more compassionate to somebody, or how to solve the problem at work or how to deal with a financial situation in your own life."

Anyone can participate but kids under 12 may need some assistance.

Once January wraps up, Bean said he hopes people will look at other ways of bringing creativity into their lives going forward, whether that means taking a class or checking out an event at a local museum.

"I think that if people get a little taste for something, hopefully that inspires them to then look further and see what else there is out there for them to do," he said.


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