Cracking ice noises cause multiple calls to Guelph police

Guelph police responded to multiple noise complaints on Thursday. The noise turned out to be caused by cracking ice.

Guelph Police responded to multiple calls about banging noises on Thursday.

Police discovered that the noises were caused by ice cracking because of the cold weather. 

"What we actually determined it was, was the sounds of cracking ice most likely on people's roof tops that were making the loud noises as the ice cracked," Const. Mike Gatto said.

"Probably no differently than it would if you were on a lake that was covered in ice," he said

The noises may also have been what is commonly referred to as frost quakes or ice quakes, otherwise known as cryoseisms.

The "quakes" happen when water in the ground freezes and expands in extreme cold and then pressure is released, causing the ground to crack.

Those "quakes" have recently been reported in Toronto.

Temperatures in Guelph are forecast to reach a high of -15 C today, but with the windchill it will feel more like -32 C according to Environment Canada.