Conestoga students vote in favour of mandatory transit pass

Conestoga College students have voted in favour of adding a mandatory fee to tuition for a universal bus pass. It will cost each student $137 per semester.

'We are proud and happy with the voter turnout and the passionate feedback,' students' union says

Conestoga College students will now pay each semester for a transit pass after the 'yes' side of a student referendum on the U Pass won.

Conestoga College students will see a fee for a transit pass added to their tuition after a student referendum came out in favour of the idea.

On Tuesday, the student union, Conestoga Students Inc., reported the yes side of the referendum won, with 58 per cent of students in favour of implementing a universal bus pass for students.

About 25 per cent of the full-time student population voted in the referendum.

The bus pass will add $137 per semester to tuition. Currently, students who have to buy their own transit pass spend $292 a semester.

In February 2016, students voted against adding U Pass to their fees.

"We could not be more impressed with the number of students whom were engaged throughout this process and brought their voices forward in the referendum," the student group said in a release.

"This referendum was a long process, and we know that this topic was polarizing, and we are proud and happy with the voter turnout and the passionate feedback we received."

The plan is to implement U Pass starting in September 2019.