Climate protesters block traffic at Kitchener roundabout on Monday commute

Members of the local chapter of Extinction Rebellion Canada stopped traffic at Bridge Street and Lancaster Street in Kitchener Monday morning as similar protests around the country shut down bridges and roadways.

'I'd like to have a future ... we're trying to preserve our world,' 23-year-old Emily Steers says

Demonstrators with the group Extinction Rebellion briefly blocked a busy roundabout in Kitchener during Monday morning rush hour. (Julianne Hazelwood/CBC)

Holding signs and banners, demonstrators blocked crosswalks at a Kitchener roundabout Monday morning, bringing traffic to a stop intermittently during the busy morning commute.

The protest by about a dozen people took place at the roundabout at Bridge Street and Lancaster Street, interrupting access to the bridge.

The demonstration started just before 8 a.m. and wrapped up around 9 a.m.

The demonstration was part of a larger cross-country effort by Extinction Rebellion Canada. Similar protesters took place in Halifax, Toronto, and were planned in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.

Emily Steers, 23, was one of the people taking part in the Kitchener protest. She said she was there "because I'd like to have a future. For any children I'd like to have ... we are trying to preserve our world."

During intervals when protesters were not standing in crosswalks blocking traffic, they stood alongside the roundabout holding signs.

"We are making things slightly inconvenient now to make things to prevent greater inconvenience tomorrow," said Steers.