How to stay cool in the hot summer sun: tips from kids

The heat is on, so we asked some children to tell us the best ways to keep cool in the summer.

'You eat cool things and you go in something cool,' six-year-old says

Kids at the splash pad share their tips on staying cool: getting wet is key. (Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

If you're feeling hot, hot, hot as the temperature soars, take some tips from children on how to stay cool.

Children at the splash pad at Victoria Park in downtown Kitchener, Ont. offered some of their favourite things to do.

Splash pads

Yotum, 6, said to cool down, "You eat cool things and you go in something cool," like the splash pad. His favourite part of the splash pad is "running inside the water" and he also enjoys banana popsicles.

Ryder, 8, said he also likes to go to the splash pad and go on water slides.

"You can get wet and it can cool you down," he said.

Ethan, 4, said he enjoys boating at the cottage.

Madeline, 6, likes swimming at Lyle Hallman Pool and say she enjoys "that you can dive off the blocks."

Kids at the splash pad share their keep-cool tips:

Children enjoy the water at the splash pad in Kitchener's Victoria Park on Monday. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Drinks, douses

Lincoln, 4, keeps it simple: "I drink some water with some ice in it," he said, adding he also likes a good float in the pool.

Chloe enjoys getting out in the summer weather.

"I like to play in the water. I like to run around. I like to play gymnastics. I like to dance, and that's all," she said, adding after all that activity, she cools down with water balloon fights.

Her cousin, Harley, has a sweet way to cool off.

"I like to play in the water and eat ice cream," Harley said, adding she gets bubblegum ice cream every time.


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