Cardiac Pulmonary Services holds open house at new location

On June 2, Cardio Pulmonary Services is holding an open house, so the public can have a look at their new facility located at The Boardwalk.
Cardiac Pulmonary Services has moved to a new location at The Boardwalk. (Cardiac Pulmonary Services)

Cardio Pulmonary Services (CPS) is holding an open house on Thursday, June 2 so the public can check out their new facility.

In February, CPS moved from 18 Pine Street, where they had been located since 1988, to their new location at 430 The Boardwalk.

CPS is a cardiology and respiratory testing and referral centre.

Manager Kim Jozkow said there were a few things they wanted to have in place before holding the open house, which included bringing several new physicians on board.

At their previous location, there were three cardiologists and one respirologist on site. The new location allowed CPS to expand, making room for ten cardiologists and a respirologist in the facility.

Jozkow said that after moving to their new location, they expected to see a slow rise in usage.

"We're not entirely clear why this happened, but our volumes have kind of skyrocketed as soon as we walked in the door," she said.

Managing referrals

But real estate has not been the only change.

CPS has also designed a system to help manage referrals for physicians.

Jozkow said previously, CPS was simply the diagnostic provider. Family doctors would refer their patients to CPS to get tests done, and they would refer their patients to a cardiologist if they wanted a consult.

"If a family physician, for example, had a patient that they wanted to have a cardiology consult[ation] on, they would have to go around, they would have to phone each of the cardiology offices individually and they would have to see what their wait time was," Jozkow said.

Now CPS handles all of this.

Single point of entry

Doctors send the referral to CPS, who then arranges for patient to see the cardiologist with the shortest possible wait time.

"We have a single point of entry so we have a single phone number and a single fax number," she said. "They can access all of our cardiologists and one respirologist through that number."

CPS has also begun using a new electronic medical record. So if a cardiologist or the respirologist are seeing patients from St. Mary's or Grand River Hospital, they are able to access patient information through the new system.

"You don't necessarily cure cardiac disease in a lot of cases but you manage it over the long term. So having access to those records and seeing what the extended history of that patient is right at your fingertips is a key element of all of that," she said.

The open house is from 4-7 pm at 430 The Boardwalk, suite 206.