Waterloo region dog owners reminded to keep pets secure to protect mail carriers

Canada Post has launched a spring campaign to ask dog owners to make sure their pets are secure when a mail carrier comes calling with a package.

Mail carriers interact more with pets now that it's spring, Waterloo post office supervisor says

There have been three negative interactions with dogs in Waterloo so far this year. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

A new campaign by Canada Post is reminding dog owners to keep their animals under control when mail carriers are dropping off envelopes and packages.

Kristine Gelmotto, a supervisor in the Waterloo post office, says now that spring has arrived, mail carriers tend to interact more with pets because people get out of their houses.

In Waterloo so far this year, there have been three negative interactions with dogs.

Canada Post makes recommendations to carriers to help keep them safe, including putting a foot up against a screen door to keep a dog from charging through, or asking pet owners to secure their animal either with a leash or by putting them in another room.

When there is an issue with a person's dog, members of the local health and safety committee will go out and speak with the homeowner, Gelmotto said.

"Our carriers are seeing a huge increase in the small packets, so there is going to be that interaction, they are going to the door, a lot of those items require signatures," she said.

"The vast majority of our customers are wonderful. You go to the door, they put their dog away, they get their parcel and everyone's happy in the end."