Canada Jetlines plans to become 3rd national air carrier by summer 2017

The CEO of Canada Jetlines says the new domestic airline plans to be in the air by the summer and will fly to major Canadian cities.

Canada Jetlines plans to fly from YKF to Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax

A mock-up of a Canada Jetlines plane. The discount airline plans to start flying in the summer of 2017. (Canada Jetlines)

Canada Jetlines is moving at jetspeed to become Canada's third national air carrier, with plans to go wheels-up by the summer.

Those plans have been helped along by changes to the foreign ownership rules for domestic airlines, announced by federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau on Nov. 3.

"Certainly, Kitchener-Waterloo is one of the most egregious cases shown to the minister of an airport that can support a significant amount of traffic to major centres in Canada and the United States," Jetlines CEO Jim Scott told CBC News.

"It was receiving one flight a day from the major airlines."

Their goal is to "ring" Pearson [International Airport in Toronto] with airports in Waterloo region, Hamilton and London.

From the Region of Waterloo International Airport, Scott said they will fly directly to major Canadian destinations, such as Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Halifax, as well as along the eastern seaboard in the United States and some sun destinations.

Listen to the whole interview, with CBC KW's The Morning Edition host Craig Norris:


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