Canada election 2015: Meet your Waterloo candidates

In the next five weeks CBC Kitchener-Waterloo will be hosting candidates' panels for Waterloo Region's five ridings. Candidates join host Craig Norris to discuss issues close to our community. The first was the re-named Waterloo riding.

Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green Party candidates participate in live panel

In the next five weeks CBC Kitchener-Waterloo will be hosting your candidates in Waterloo Region's five ridings for panel discussions on issues close to our community. 

The first riding we heard from was Waterloo, renamed from the previous Kitchener-Waterloo. Here are highlights of what the candidates said in our panel discussion:

Peter Braid - Conservative

"I think the ballot question is clear: who will keep our economy strong and our country safe," said Conservative candidate Peter Braid in an interview with Craig Norris on The Morning Edition

Braid said the Conservatives would continue to reduce taxes and maintain a balanced budget, while investing in innovation and infrastructure. 

Braid is the incumbent candidate in Waterloo riding and highlights his expertise, citing his seven years as a MP. 

Diane Freeman - NDP

"The NDP is focused on getting Canadians working and job creation," said NDP candidate Diane Freeman. 

Freeman said her party wants to support entrepreneurial businesses through an innovation tax credit, which she said would help start-up businesses in Waterloo Region. 

"We also want to support aerospace job creation which will help companies like ComDev," said Freeman. 

A former Waterloo city councillor, Freeman said she understand the issues facing the city and is best situated to address them. 

Bardish Chagger - Liberal

"This community is looking for a change," said Bardish Chagger. 

"At the end of the day we need to represent our constituencies and to ensure that our voices are strong in Ottawa and it's not that we're following the leader's line or the party's message." 

Chagger said she wants to focus on growing environmental concerns, and ensuring there are job opportunities for students as they graduate. In addition she highlighted the role of post-secondary institutions in Waterloo, and the Liberals plan to support research. 

"We're looking to unmuzzle the scientist, which is really important to this community considering we have two great universities," said Chagger.

Richard Walsh - Green Party

"Waterloo Region is a global leader in technological innovation, but it's time we use that leadership to face the very big environmental, economic and social challenges that abound not only in the region, but in Canada," said Green candidate Richard Walsh. 

Walsh said if elected, he would work to help develop an environmentally sustainable economy, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses.

Walsh also said a pillar of the Green Party plan is to address poverty by introducing a guaranteed annual income. 


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