Cambridge, Ont. woman gets Gord Downie tattooed on her leg

A Cambridge mother of two has paid tribute to Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie with a tattoo that depicts the singer during this summer's Man Machine Poem tour.

Tattoo features iconic photo of Downie during summer’s Man Machine Poem tour

Amy Lauzon is a life-long Tragically Hip fan and says it was only natural she would get a tattoo of Gord Downie from the band's Man Machine Poem tour. Her husband, Jon, inked her leg with the image. (Amy Lauzon/submitted photo)

Amy Lauzon says the moment she heard the news that one of her music heroes had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer "is embedded in my mind forever."

And now, an image taken from the last concert of the Tragically Hip's Man Machine Poem tour is on her leg forever.

The 32-year-old Cambridge, Ont. mother of two asked her husband, tattoo artist Jon Lauzon, to ink the iconic image of Gord Downie on the inside of her right calf.

The tattoo shows Downie singing, wearing one of his signature hats from the tour and his Jaws T-shirt.

"It shows such emotion and I know what song he's singing," Lauzon said of the image, in which Downie is singing In a World Possessed by the Human Mind. "I just love the emotion in his face."

The Hip's music 'makes me happy'

Mother of two Amy Lauzon lives in Cambridge, Ont., and says she likely attended her first Tragically Hip concert when she was four years old. (Submitted photo)
Downie announced in May that he has an aggressive, incurable form of cancer called glioblastoma. Despite the diagnosis, The Hip performed a summer tour, ending in their hometown of Kingston, Ont.

Lauzon said she was probably four years old when she first saw the Tragically Hip in concert on Canada Day in Barrie. She recalled seeing them at other Canada Day concerts, listening to albums on the drive to the family cottage in Port Elgin, seeing the band in Virginia and meeting some of the band members. She even danced with her father at her wedding to the song Long Time Running.

"Just their music, [it] just resonates with me, the stuff that Gord talks about, Canadian history, it makes me happy," she said. "I was raised on the Tragically Hip, like how most children are raised on milk and cookies."

More tattoos possible

Lauzon has many tattoos, including another Hip tattoo on the outside of her right calf. She says she has considered covering her leg in Hip-related tattoos, including using old ticket stubs she has kept from past concerts for inspiration.

She said friends and family have all responded positively to the tattoo of Downie.

"No one ever thought it was weird coming from me because I am that passionate about music that I like," she said. 
Amy Lauzon placed the tattoo of Gord Downie on the inside of her right calf. (Submitted photo)


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