Liberal Bryan May re-elected after close Cambridge race

Liberal incumbent Bryan May has won re-election in Cambridge after a back-and-forth battle with Conservative Connie Cody.

Polls were open Monday 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The candidates in Cambridge are (from left): Green Party candidate Michelle Braniff, NDP candidate Lorne Bruce, People's Party of Canada candidate Maggie Segounis, Conservative candidate Connie Cody and Liberal candidate Bryan May. (Campaign and social media photos)

Liberal incumbent Bryan May has been re-elected in Cambridge after a seesaw race all evening against Conservative candidate Connie Cody, with 99 per cent of the votes counted.

Incumbent May took about 38 per cent of the vote with Cody close behind with 35 per cent.

Lorne Bruce of the NDP ran third with 17 per cent of the votes. 

People's Party candidate Maggie Segounis garnered just over seven per cent of the vote and Michele Braniff of the Greens had under four per cent.

Voter turnout was about 60 per cent, down about five per cent from 2019.

Cost of living, affordable housing and housing affordability, the opioid crisis and support for local infrastructure are among the top issues voters identified in this riding during this federal election.

Watch the panel of 2021 Cambridge candidates:

PANEL: Cambridge federal election candidates talk housing, opioid crisis and climate

2 years ago
Duration 28:45
Three candidates seeking election in the riding of Cambridge discuss issues including housing, the opioid crisis, climate and post-pandemic recovery.

History of riding

Since its creation in 1979, the riding has largely been held by Conservatives. Progressive Conservative Chris Speyer was the first MP for the riding, holding the seat from 1979 to 1988 when he was replaced by Progressive Conservative Pat Sobeski, who held the seat until 1993.

In 1993, Liberal Janko Peric won the riding and held the seat until 2004. That's when Conservative Gary Goodyear won the seat. Goodyear served as MP until 2015 when May was elected.

In 2011, Goodyear won the seat with 53.4 per cent of the vote and was followed by the NDP candidate who had 27.68 per cent of the vote. May also ran that year, coming in third with 15.05 per cent of the vote.

In 2015, May was elected with 43.17 per cent of the vote, just ahead of Goodyear who had 38.65 per cent. The NDP came in third with 13.87 per cent of the vote and the Greens had 3.23 per cent.

The riding has changed boundaries a few times, sometimes to include sections of the south part of Kitchener. The last change was in 2015 when the riding of Kitchener South-Hespeler was created. It currently includes the city of Cambridge, North Dumfries Township and part of Brant Township.

The candidates running in Cambridge are Liberal incumbent Bryan May, Green candidate Michele Braniff, Conservative candidate Connie Cody, NDP candidate Lorne Bruce and People's Party of Canada candidate Maggie Segounis. (Elections Canada)

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