Iconic Budds sign taken down from Kitchener storefront

The iconic Budds clothing store sign was taken down as work began inside the location to make way for restaurants and office space.

Budds clothing store sign taken down for restoration project

The iconic Budds sign gracing the outside the heritage building at King and Young Streets in downtown Kitchener is no more.

It was taken down over the weekend as restoration began inside to make way for two restaurants on the main floor and a second-floor office building.

The iconic Budds sign on the front of the downtown Kitchener building before it was taken down. (Google Street View)

The second-floor area the sign was located in will be replaced with a glass frontage that will face on to the street. 

After....the area where the Budds sign was located will have a view of the street from the second floor (Joe Pavia)

The Budd family sold the operation last year after 80 years in the business.