BlackBerry 'Brick Breaker' game makes comeback on Classic phone

BlackBerry has announced its new Classic phone will be released with a new edition of Brick Breaker, one of the phone's iconic games.
Users can use the trackpad to play the Brick Breaker game. (

BlackBerry is playing the nostalgia card, announcing the re-release of its Brick Breaker game on the new Classic model. 

In a Thursday blog post, BlackBerry said the old-school game is being released at a time when the aesthetic has a demand in the market. 

"Classic games have resurged over the past half decade, with indie developers creating modern games with that retro 8-bit feel," wrote Donny Halliwell, an editor for BlackBerry blogs.

"Minecraft is but one example, but a quick web search will yield results ranging from the 80s-inspired pixel art subgenre to the viral so-addictive-it-was-removed-by-the-publisher Flappy Bird game." 

The BlackBerry Classic, previously called the Q20, is set to be revealed next Wednesday in New York.  CEO John Chen has previously said the guiding principle behind the phone is, "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it."

The Classic will include a QWERTY keyboard just like the Q10 released in 2013. It will also have a trackpad and navigation keys like 'Menu' and 'Back' at the top of the keyboard, a return to previous BlackBerry features. 

The Classic will also include a 3.5-inch touchscreen.


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