Kitchener mayor calls on people to vote for 'building better lives' along with other big city mayors

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic joined other mayors from Canada's largest cities to ask voters to consider how Monday's federal election will impact the municipalities where they live.

Next federal government must work with municipalities on 'key challenges,' Vrbanovic says

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic says voters should consider how the candidates they plan to vote for in Monday's federal election will support the city and municipalities. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Affordable housing, climate change, transit and infrastructure — these are the key issues the federal government will need to work on with municipalities in the coming months, Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic says.

He's joined other members of the Big Cities Mayors' Caucus in calling on people to vote for "building better lives" in Monday's federal election.

"Out of all the orders of government, cities are the closest to citizens and best understand the day-to-day impacts on their lives," Vrbanovic said in a release.

He said he has surveyed and met with local Kitchener candidates from the major federal parties. During those meetings, he told the candidates about the city's priorities, including affordable housing, transit and infrastructure.

The city has released candidate responses to a survey in a PDF on the city's website.

Vrbanovic says he'd like voters to consider three questions when they decide who to cast their ballot for:

  • Where does each party stand on the four key issues facing urban voters: affordable housing, climate change, transit and infrastructure?
  • Did your candidate or representative contact you during this election?
  • Did your candidate show up at local debates held in your riding?

"The person you vote for is your decision and yours alone. But as you go to the polls as Kitchener citizens on October 21, I hope you strongly consider the needs of Kitchener and our local municipalities when you vote," Vrbanovic said.

The Big Cities Mayors' Caucus is part of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, which has also called on the federal parties to support municipalities, including by doubling the gas tax.


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