Berry Vrbanovic returns as mayor of Kitchener

Winning 85 per cent of the votes cast, Berry Vrnabovic returns as the mayor of Kitchener. Voter turnout was low: only 28 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, collecting about 41,933 votes.

Berry Vrbanovic has won a second term as Kitchener's mayor with 85 per cent of the vote

Berry Vrbanovic will return as mayor of Kitchener, leading with 85.27 per cent of the vote after 77 of 84 polls reported in Monday's municipal election. (Tiffany Pope / CBC)

Berry Vrbanovic was reelected as mayor of Kitchener, taking about 85 per cent of the vote after all polls reported in Monday's municipal election.

Vrbanovic had 34,983 votes, followed by Narine Sookram with 2,304. Myron Steinman had 1,985 votes and Jiri Marek with 1,659.

Vrbanovic said he was "truly humbled" by the results.

"I think, certainly, it speaks to a certain degree to my own level of commitment to the role and the things that we've achieved, not only personally but as a council in terms of the proprieties we had during the past term," he said.

"It also speaks to the fact that people are generally pleased, as our Environics survey shows, with the direction the city is going."

The 2018 municipal election in Kitchener only managed to get 28 per cent voters to turn out, collecting about  41,933 ballots. 

The new council will be sworn in on Dec. 3, 2018.

Ward results

Ward One: Incumbent Scott Davey won with 2,683 votes. Susan Stark finished in second with 646 votes.

Ward Two: Incumbent Dave Schnider won with 3,405 votes, followed by Fitzroy Vanderpool with 1,315 votes.

Ward Three: Incumbent John Gazzola won with 1,621 votes, followed by James Howe with 686.

Ward Four: Christine Michaud took 1,423 votes, followed by Julie Geary with 728.

Ward Five: Incumbent Kelly Galloway-Sealock won 1,779 votes, followed by Andres Fuentes with 455.

Ward Six: Incumbent Paul Singh took 2,733 votes, followed by Narendra Grover with 653 votes.

Ward Seven: Incumbent Bill Ioannidis won with 2,631 votes, followed by Hanna Domagala at 2,168.

Ward Eight: Margaret Johnston won with 1,946 votes, followed by incumbent Zyg Janecki with 1,645 votes.

Ward Nine: Debbie Chapman won with 2,162 votes, followed by Melissa Bowman with 1,377 votes.

Ward Ten: Incumbent Sarah Marsh won with 3,911 votes, followed by Peter Meier with 1,209.