Berry Vrbanovic elected Kitchener mayor

Ward 2 Councillor Berry Vrbanovic will be Kitchener's new mayor.
Berry Vrbanovic thanks supporters after being elected mayor of Kitchener on Monday night. (Amanda Grant/CBC)

Ward 2 Councillor Berry Vrbanovic has been elected as the next mayor of Kitchener, succeeding Carl Zehr, who did not run for re-election.

Unofficial election results from the City of Kitchener show that Vrbanovic received 61.02 per cent of the vote, leading by a margin of 15,006 votes over second-place candidate Dan Glenn-Graham. 

"To be honest the day started very early. I woke up shortly before 3 [a.m.]. I couldn't sleep," said Vrbanovic, celebrating his win. "I truly am honoured and humbled to have received such a great deal of support from the residents of Kitchener and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, rolling up my sleeves and getting to work in a transition between now and the new council that takes over December 1st."

Vrbanovic said he'd be meeting with Zehr and Kitchener's CAO to discuss a transition plan over the next five weeks.

"I'll also be reaching out to the new members of council, those re-elected as well as the new members to find out what their priorities are...The number one priority will be making sure I understand what everybody is bringing forward from all ten members," said Vrbanovic.

Prior to being elected mayor, Vrbanovic served as a city councillor for 10 years.

Below are the newly elected Kitchener ward councillors:

  • Ward 1: Scott Davey (incumbent)
  • Ward 2: Dave Schnider
  • ​Ward 3: John Gazzola (acclaimed)
  • Ward 4: Yvonne Fernandes (incumbent)
  • Ward 5: Kelly Galloway-Sealock (incumbent)
  • Ward 6: Paul Singh (incumbent)
  • Ward 7: Bil Ioannidis (incumbent)
  • Ward 8: Zyg Janecki (incumbent)
  • Ward 9: Frank Etherington (incumbent)
  • Ward 10: Sarah Marsh