Bells to toll across K-W, Guelph on Remembrance Day

Bells of Peace on Sunday, Nov. 11 will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. At several locations in Waterloo region and Guelph, you'll be able to hear the bells toll.

Bells will ring out across country at sunset Sunday

The Bells of Peace special ceremony to mark the end of the First World War will take place on Sunday at sunset across Canada. (The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command/Facebook)

At 5 p.m. on Sunday, bells will toll throughout Waterloo region and also in Guelph. 

It's part of a national event called Bells of Peace. The Royal Canadian Legion says it's to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. 

"The ringing of bells emulates the moment in 1918 when church bells across Europe tolled as four years of war had come to an end," the Legion said on its website. 

"At sunset on November 11, the bells will ring at Parliament Hill, city halls, places of worship, military bases, Naval vessels and at ceremonies across the country to honour Canada's Veterans and commemorate the end of the First World War."
Soldiers dug in behind breastworks, Ypres, Belgium. The Battle of Ypres in the First World War was a baptism of fire for a fledgling force of Canadian soldiers. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - George Metcalf Archival Collection Canadian War Museum)

Canadians are encouraged to share their photos and videos of the event using the hashtag #100Bells and #100Cloches. 

Ring a bell

Churches and other buildings with bells can take part in the event. 

Here's a list of locations announced Thursday where you can hear bells ring on Sunday at 5 p.m.:

  • Cambridge City Hall, 46 Dickson St., Cambridge.
  • St. Andrew's Hespeler Presbyterian Church, 73 Queen St. E., Cambridge.
  • Central Presbyterian Church, 8 Queen's Sq., Cambridge.
  • Knox's Galt Presbyterian Church, Queen's Square, Cambridge.
  • St. Clements Catholic Church, 745 Duke St., Cambridge.
  • St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 810 King St. E., Cambridge.
  • Trinity Anglican Church, 12 Blair Rd, Cambridge.
  • St. Peter's Church, 49 Queen St N, Kitchener.
  • St. Stephen Lutheran Church, 248 Highland Rd. E., Kitchener.
  • St. Louis Roman Catholic Church, Waterloo.
  • Trillium Lutheran Church, 22 Willow St., Waterloo.
  • Waterloo Cenotaph, Regina St. S.
  • St. Agatha Catholic Church.
  • Holy Family Parish, 329 Huron St., New Hamburg.
  • St. James Wilmot, 4339 Huron Rd., New Hamburg.
  • Elmira Clock Tower, Wyatt Street E.
  • St. George's Church, 99 Woolwich St., Guelph.
  • The Church of the Apostles (St James & St Matthias), 86 Glasgow St N., Guelph.
  • Knox-Elora Presbyterian Church, Elora.
  • St. Clements Catholic Church, 745 Duke St., Cambridge
  • St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 810 King St. E., Cambridge
  • Knox's Galt Presbyterian Church, 2 Grand Ave. S., Cambridge
  • Trinity Anglican Church, 12 Blair Rd., Cambridge
  • New Dundee Public School
  • St Matthews Lutheran, 54 Benton St., Kitchener

Did we miss a location? Email us to let us know.


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