Bear sightings prompt OPP warning near Erin and Guelph

Black bears have been spotted near Erin and south of Guelph Lake. Wellington County OPP says one resident snapped a photo of a bear eating from a bird feeder.
A person took a photo of this black bear near Erin on Monday, Wellington County OPP say. Police are warning residents in the area between Erin and Wellington Road 124 south of Guelph Lake of the presence of a bear. (Distributed by Wellington County OPP)

A black bear has been spotted near Erin and also south of Guelph Lake, Wellington County OPP say.

On Sunday around 9 a.m., police were called to First Line and Erin-Garafraxa Townline after receiving a report of a possible black bear in the area. 

One person reported a broken bird feeder and another person that keeps bees said some of their hives were destroyed, Const. Kirk MacDonald of Wellington County OPP said.

"While there was no bear there, there was certainly evidence that appeared a bear had wandered through the area," MacDonald said.

On Monday around 8:30 p.m., a person called police from Fourth Line and Halton-Erin Townline to report seeing a black bear on their property. In the photo, it appears the bear is eating from a bird feeder. This man also took a short video of the bear moving around his property.

On Wednesday close to 6:30 a.m., police received a call of a black bear in the area of Wellington Road 124, just south of Guelph Lake. Police were unable to locate the bear.

"We didn't have any reports that the individuals who were calling police had actually been in danger in any way. It was more or less just their observations. And they did exactly what they're supposed to do, which is to stay back, not get in a confrontation with the bear and call the authorities," MacDonald said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources says if a person sees a bear and their personal safety is at risk, call 911 or police. They also recommend people remain calm as the bear is often just passing through on a search for food. Keep children and pets away from the bear.

If the bear is a nuisance, you can contact Bear Wise at 1-866-514-2327.

The ministry also recommends keeping garbage in bear-resistant, airtight containers inside a storage area that bears cannot get into, as well as washing garbage containers often.


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