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Joe Pavia is a Reporter/Editor with CBC K-W 89.1 FM. He's normally heard weekdays on The Morning Edition but also covers a wide range of news and feature stories for both radio and web. If you have a story idea, email Joe at Follow him on twitter @PaviaJoe1964

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Federal cybersecurity bill may be 'Band-Aid on a bigger problem,' Waterloo, Ont., expert says

The federal government introduced a cyber security bill that would make it mandatory for businesses to report cyber attacks. A cyber security expert in Waterloo, Ont., has concerns about it, though.

'Thoroughbreds of the sky' take flight after ban on racing pigeons lifts in Ontario

Pigeon racing season is back in Ontario after a lockdown to prevent the birds from contracting the highly infectious avian flu. The Canadian Racing Pigeon Union has approximately 800 members in clubs across Canada.

Women are owning their roles on the farm and Canada's census shows it

For generations, the role women play in agricultural life was undervalued by society and by themselves, but that's beginning to change. The census shows that since 2016, more women are operating farms in Canada.

The long journey through an eating disorder: mother and daughter share their story

What started out as a plan to eat healthy food turned into an obsession for cutting calories. A Wellington county mom and daughter share their story of an eating disorder in the family.

Refugee program reinstated in Stratford, resumes fundraising for families

The pandemic paused their operations, but now Stratford Welcomes Refugees is back up and running — helping newcomers start a new life in that city.

Going once, twice, sold! St. Jacobs auctioneer aims to be national chant champ

Bill Haalstra, who is normally heard auctioning livestock in St. Jacobs, is taking part in the annual Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Championship, being held Friday in Lloydminster, Sask.

Local firefighters will need to be certified under new provincial rules

Firefighters in Ontario already receive ongoing training on how to fight fires. But starting July 1st they'll have to prove they've been trained and meet a minimum certification requirement to perform the job.

Return to council chambers across Waterloo region does not mean virtual meetings will end

Municipalities are starting to open the doors of their council chambers for in-person meetings again. Staff and municipal politicians will meet in the chamber before delegates and spectators will be allowed to join them, but this doesn't mean they'll turn off the virtual meetings.

Stratford police receive funding to expand crisis response team

The Stratford police service is one of 28 in Ontario that will receive funding for its mobile crisis response team. The funding allows police services to hire social and mental health workers to be on calls with police officers. The mental health worker and police officers ride together during select shifts.

Bombing Ukraine homes should be considered a war crime, say Canadian experts

At least two million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began, and many may not have a home to return to as bombs have destroyed neighbourhoods. 'It's a huge loss that can cause significant distress,' says an expert at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont.