Jennifer Moss

CBC Happiness and Well-being Columnist

Jennifer Moss is an international public speaker, award-winning author, and UN Global Happiness Committee Member.

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How we all thrive with a little help from our friends, even during a pandemic: Jennifer Moss

Evidence shows that having friends is good for us. It improves both our mental and physical health. Happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss looks at what's happened to our mental health in a year without friends.

Brain fog is a real thing. Well-being columnist Jennifer Moss sheds some light on it

Happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss looks at how, after a year of enduring pandemic stress, brain fog may be clouding your thoughts.

Hitting the COVID Wall? Get over it with these strategies from Jennifer Moss

For way too long we've been subjected to health care fears, school shut-downs and business closures. It feels almost like a physical barrier between us and our happiness, writes columnist Jennifer Moss. 
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Self-care and wellness trends for 2021 that will help people heal: Jennifer Moss

The challenges of 2020 have given people the self-care tools they need to heal in 2021, writes happiness columnist Jennifer Moss.
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How to emotionally prepare for 2021: Jennifer Moss

We've been running on empty for far too long. So, right now, whatever we can do to be emotionally readied for 2021, that should be our top priority when it comes to our mental health.
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Dreading winter? Happiness columnist Jennifer Moss on embracing the colder months

The winter blues are very real, but there are ways to change your mindset about the colder months and embrace the snow, writes happiness columnist Jennifer Moss.
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Feeling festive earlier this year? Research says that's to be expected: Jennifer Moss

Many people are feeling the urge to deck the halls a little earlier this year and happiness columnist Jennifer Moss says research shows getting in the festive spirit early can actually make you feel better.

Why some people risk their lives for others and what it says about them

Not everyone is going to enlist in the Armed Forces or run into a burning building, but CBC's Happiness columnist Jennifer Moss says even small acts of kindness are a form of altruism that can make everyone feel good.
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Why we find comfort in food and how to curb emotional eating: Jennifer Moss

If you've been eating a bag of Doritos each night on the couch or craving the ketchup-laden meatloaf of your childhood, you're not alone. Many people are using food for comfort during the pandemic, but happiness columnist Jennifer Moss offers some tips to keep emotional eating in check.
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Why it's important to stretch and improve your emotional flexibility: Jennifer Moss

Happiness columnist Jennifer Moss looks at emotional flexibility: what it is and why it's important, especially this year, to recognize where you may be a bit too rigid.