Jennifer Moss

CBC Happiness and Well-being Columnist

Jennifer Moss is an international public speaker, award-winning author, and UN Global Happiness Committee Member. She is based in Kitchener, Ontario.

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How to recognize a toxic workplace and what to do about it: Jennifer Moss

Happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss looks at the definition of a toxic workplace and offers advice about what people can do if they feel like they're in one.
Happiness column

Why the act of giving just makes you feel so darn good: Jennifer Moss

The act of giving a gift is good for you, writes happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss. And it doesn't have to be a big gift for people to get the warm fuzzies.
Happiness column

Ways to feel connected this holiday season after months of isolation: Jennifer Moss

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been warned to keep a good distance from other people not in their household, self-isolate or stay home during lockdowns. But now, with some restrictions being lifted, people can get together and that may have some feeling anxious.
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Why we need to be OK with not checking in on work when we're off: Jennifer Moss

As workload increases because of our ability to be accessible at all times of the day, our risk of burnout increases substantially, writes happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss. But companies don't have to wait for the government to create "right to disconnect" laws.
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The pandemic has depleted people's surge capacity. Here are ways to recharge: Jennifer Moss

Surge capacity is the mental and physical ability to adapt to intensely stressful, acute situations. But it's meant to handle emergencies that last a few hours or days, not a months-long pandemic. Happiness columnist Jennifer Moss offers tips on how to regain some capacity.
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Micro-stressors wreaking havoc on physical and mental health

Research confirms that stress can also be cumulative. Described as "micro-stress" it's the everyday little stressors — like Zoom meetings that go too long, getting cut off in traffic, someone leaving the dishes in the sink beside the empty dishwasher, that weigh us down.
Happiness Column

Why you and your boss should talk honestly about your mental health: Jennifer Moss

Happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss says people need to be open about their mental health at work and with their boss when they can because in challenging times, the most important person is you and your health. 

Why a decrease in work hours can boost both well-being and productivity: Jennifer Moss

Happiness and well-being columnist Jennifer Moss looks at the recent study from Iceland that says a shortened work week benefited employee well-being and increased productivity.

Workplaces can no longer afford to ignore employee well-being: Jennifer Moss

The pandemic has shifted the workplace landscape and is having ripple effects. That includes employees considering a new job if they don't feel their employers care about their well-being, writes happiness columnist Jennifer Moss.

Technology adoption during pandemic has both harmed and helped, writes Jennifer Moss

The rapid adoption of new technologies for meeting virtually during the pandemic has had both good and bad effects on our general well-being. Happiness columnist Jennifer Moss has some tips on reducing the negative and boosting the positive.