Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

CBC-KW food columnist Andrew Coppolino is author of Farm to Table (Swan Parade Press) and co-author of Cooking with Shakespeare (Greenwood Press). He is the 2022 Joseph Hoare Gastronomic Writer-in-Residence at the Stratford Chefs School. Follow him on Twitter at @andrewcoppolino.

Latest from Andrew Coppolino

A World (Cup) smorgasbord of foods: Andrew Coppolino

Snacks and eats from Spain, Ghana, South Korea and Serbia: Food columnist Andrew Coppolino is checking out what’s to eat at the World Cup, right here in the area.

Indigenous chef teams up with Bingemans to highlight Indigenous cuisine

It’s more than bison and three sisters soup. Local chef Destiny Moser has started Cedar Spoon Indigenous Catering to help shine a light on local Indigenous cooking and create opportunities for Indigenous cooks. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino has checked some out.

Local pizza parlours take a slice of American pies: Andrew Coppolino

When it comes to pizza, there’s a ton of two-for-one at one end of the spectrum and another group of artisanal wood-fired pizzas at the other end. But there’s also tasty local pizza inspired by big American cities. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino checked some out.

Local Sikhs celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti's birthday with a sweet treat

November 8 was the Sikh celebration of the faith’s first Guru. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino joins us to share a sweet celebratory treat that you can make easily at home – and tells us the significance of the food to the faith.

Local restaurants slim down their menus to offset rising costs: Andrew Coppolino

Menu streamlining and menu cuts. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino shares what he learned about how restaurants are dealing with the current economic conditions.

Sweet treats hold a special place on Korean menus: Andrew Coppolino

Everybody loves desserts after a meal ⁠— or even dessert without the meal. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino shares what he learned from his visits to a Korean bakery and dessert café.

Ghanaian entrepreneur connects with his West African customers through food: Andrew Coppolino

Ghanaian entrepreneur Eddie Ameh has used a popular vegetable to grow his retail food business and deepen his West African connections with the Nigerian community. "The Yam Seller" in Kitchener, Ont. takes food columnist Andrew Coppolino on a tuber tour.

Deep Dish Dialogues at U of G covers sustainable food, culinary traditions and more: Andrew Coppolino

From making ice cream and champagne eggs to cultural cooking during Black History Month, plant-based food and more, University of Guelph’s Deep Dish Dialogues explores the community connections in food and cooking.

Pro tips and tricks for cooking Thanksgiving dinner: Andrew Coppolino

Thanksgiving weekend is here and if a full, traditional turkey dinner is on the menu, CBC K-W's food columnist Andrew Coppolino has some helpful tips to make the cooking easier.

Commercial kitchen at A Better Tent City means daily meals for community

A new commercial kitchen has opened at A Better Tent City. It will be used to feed the people who live at the tiny home community in Kitchener healthy and delicious meals. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino visited them during a special lunch.