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Asbestos used in 2 federal buildings in Kitchener

A CBC investigation has found two federal government buildings in Kitchener and one in Guelph contain asbestos.

One federal government building in Guelph inventoried with asbestos content

Two federal government buildings in Kitchener contain asbestos. (CBC/Google Maps)

A CBC investigation has found three local federal government buildings contain asbestos; two in Kitchener and one in Guelph.

They are:

  • National Revenue Building, 166 Frederick St., Kitchener.
  • Federal Government offices, 15-29 Duke St., Kitchener.
  • PHAC laboratory, 110 Stone Rd., Guelph.

Twenty-four government agencies were contacted by CBC News in the research for a new project that maps federal government buildings that contain asbestos across Canada.

In April, asbestos use was banned in new construction of government buildings, but cleanup in existing buildings is handled on a case-by-case basis.

The ban came after a CBC investigation in February revealed that the product, which is linked to cancerous respiratory failure, was still being used.

Though asbestos in buildings is not necessarily dangerous, it becomes a problem when the fibre is disturbed.

No official registry of all buildings

The Canadian Labour Congress is among several national groups calling on Ottawa to create an official registry of all public buildings that contain asbestos.

That inventory would include schools, hospitals and banks as well as federal buildings.