Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

Andrew Coppolino is a food columnist for CBC Radio in Waterloo Region. He was formerly restaurant reviewer with The Waterloo Region Record. He also contributes to Culinary Trends and Restaurant Report magazines in the U.S. and is the co-author of Cooking with Shakespeare. A couple of years of cooking as an apprentice chef in a restaurant kitchen helped him decide he wanted to work with food from the other side of the stove.

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How culinary schools plan a return to the kitchen during pandemic: Andrew Coppolino

Local culinary schools are adapting their programs for the pandemic. It includes holding online theory classes and reducing the number of students in the kitchen classrooms.

Tips and tricks to elevate your home bartending skills: Andrew Coppolino

If you're not sure you want to go inside a bar just yet, there are options to do some at-home cocktail creating. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino spoke with local bartenders on how you can create your own cocktails and elevate your bartending skills at home.

Beat the heatwave with these cool treats and eats

Don't feel like spending a lot of time in a hot kitchen standing over the stove? Here are a few select cool meal, snack and beverage ideas from local restaurants. 

Taking your BBQ beyond burgers and hotdogs: Andrew Coppolino

If you're looking to beat the heat by taking your cooking outdoors this weekend, Andrew Coppolino has some suggestions from local chefs on how to get beyond the basics of burgers, hotdogs and sausages.

Will patios, flexible liquor laws, and local tourism get restaurants through COVID-19?

Business leaders and restaurateurs hope that newly opened patios and other supports will help save jobs and Waterloo Region’s food operations. While there are positive signs, the jury is out learns food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Juneteenth and racial injustice in food culture then, and now: Andrew Coppolino

CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino was joined by chef Derek Hines on Juneteenth to take a look at racial injustice in food culture from the holiday's roots in 1860s-America to now.

Community Shared Agriculture a hot commodity as food security worries increase

Community Shared Agriculture programs (CSAs) in and around Waterloo region and Wellington County have seen a big surge in demand this year, largely due to food security concerns associated with COVID-19.

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market re-opens with 300 customer limit, no hot food vendors

The St. Jacobs Farmers' Market has re-opened with new precautions in place. The outdoor market area opened on Thursday, with the lower level of the market building following suit Saturday.

Farm store and online sales shoot up as farmers pivot due to pandemic

The spring and early summer harvest is only just beginning after a slow start due to weather conditions, but farm businesses are reporting they’ve been kept busy filling online customer orders, writes columnist Andrew Coppolino.

Miss dining out? Local restaurants offer meal kits for inventive at-home creations

In addition to basic curbside pickup, a number of restaurants have started offering “meal kits” or “supper kits,” with packaged ingredients and instructions, that you finish cooking at home. 

Take out, walk away are new norms for food trucks

As the weather gets warmer, popular food truck pop-ups are back in Waterloo region, but under strict rules. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino shares what the food truck scene is looking like in the region under the new conditions.

Planning a Mother's Day meal? Andrew Coppolino suggests local delivery, curbside pickup options

Taking mom out for Mother's Day brunch is a tradition for many. But with people staying home and restaurants closed except for delivery or pick-up, this year's Mother's Day will be a little bit different. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at options.

Stir crazy? Try an online cooking video, suggests Andrew Coppolino

Food businesses and chefs are offering cooking classes and other instruction through video communications platforms, writes Andrew Coppolino.

Restaurants pivot to selling groceries during COVID shutdown

While grocery stores have spent the past few years bolstering their restaurant-style take-away meals, the pandemic lockdown has prompted restaurants to alter their business model and start selling groceries as a way to help them survive. 

When it comes to at-home baking, precision matters

A glance at Google Trends will show a classic "hockey stick curve" for the term "baking" in Canada. After a small spike in searches for baking around Christmas time, the curve jumped dramatically in March.