Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist, CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

Andrew Coppolino is a food columnist for CBC Radio in Waterloo Region. He was formerly restaurant reviewer with The Waterloo Region Record. He also contributes to Culinary Trends and Restaurant Report magazines in the U.S. and is the co-author of Cooking with Shakespeare. A couple of years of cooking as an apprentice chef in a restaurant kitchen helped him decide he wanted to work with food from the other side of the stove.

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From sushi to paella, rice is a basic food for many people. It nourishes billions of people globally and can also have traditional and ritualistic importance. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes us on a global journey simply by tasting the rice dishes available in the region.

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It's the second half of corn season in the region, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino, and now the yellow vegetable has moved beyond the backyard barbeque to dishes in local restaurants.

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More people are looking for non-alcoholic options when out on the town. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino says these locations in Waterloo region offer a number of non-alcoholic beverages — and it's not all mocktails and virgin Caesars.

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Local ingredients like berries, fruits and even herbs make for a great addition to any dessert dish. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino has a list of the 'berry best' desserts to try in the region.

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CBC K-W food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at sandwich options around Waterloo region and there's something for every taste, from the basic to the creative.

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While there are more food trucks around, they are less conspicuous, says CBC KW columnist Andrew Coppolino. Now, you will find groups of them at area churches, schools and even the odd corporate gig.

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino dishes on the best places to get burgers in Waterloo region

Hamburgers are a popular items on home grills or in restaurants during the summer months. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes us on a trip around Waterloo region's burger joints.

Where to get a nice glass of wine in Waterloo region: Andrew Coppolino

Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at the local wine scene in a largely craft beer region. While the region may not have many wine bars, wine menus at many local restaurants are robust, he says.

No dairy, no problem: Where to eat vegan ice cream in the Waterloo region

As companies begin to create dairy free alternatives to ice cream and brand it as such, its not just vegans reaching for the tasty dessert.

Filipino cuisine builds flavour that's comforting and tasty: Andrew Coppolino

Filipino food used to be hard to find in Waterloo region, but it's getting slightly easier with the recent opening of a new restaurant, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.

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Summer is a great time to hit your favourite patio and enjoy the weather along with some food and a beverage. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino takes a look at some hot spots to check out.

Want all-day breakfast in Waterloo Region? Andrew Coppolino has you covered

When you want breakfast for lunch or dinner, these are the spots you go to in Waterloo region, writes food columnist Andrew Coppolino.