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Andrea Bellemare is a producer and reporter with CBC Radio. She has worked in many departments at CBC, from radio to TV to online, and she has also reported for the wire service Agence France-Presse.

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Three Canadians reflect on how climate change affects their livelihoods

A farmer, a former fisherman and a firefighter explain how climate change is creating challenges for them in their jobs and daily lives.

Indigenous youth, elders to live together in new Kamloops, B.C., housing project

A new project in Kamloops, B.C. will see Indigenous youth who have aged out of foster care living with elders together in a 31-unit condo building. Kamloops saw its homelessness rate nearly double between 2018 and 2018.

Make the Metro more comfortable, and commuters will come, researcher says

Alireza Mohammadi thinks if public transit systems around the world focus more on rider comfort, it will be easier to convince people to leave their cars behind. The Concordia PhD candidate has been taking measurements on Montreal's Metro for over 200 hours.

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens changes name of Femmes ballet after criticism

The artistic director of Les Grands Ballets, Ivan Cavallari, said his intention was not to objectify women in a new ballet, choreographed by three men, set for May 2019. The ballet's name has been changed to Parlami d'Amore, Italian for "talk to me about love."

Stacks of tickets are 'psychological weight' on marginalized itinerants, advocates say

Montreal police are too quick to ticket homeless people for minor offences such as jaywalking or panhandling, according to frontline workers and the itinerants themselves. They say the tickets add up, even when people can't pay them.

Valérie Plante met Bonhomme Carnaval and donned a matching tuque

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante met Quebec City's Bonhomme Carnaval outside Montreal City Hall on Tuesday and donned his signature tuque, though she didn't sport a ceinture fléchée.

Explore the huge secret cave that lay hidden under Montreal

Two cavers recently discovered a huge secret cave formed by a glacier, a new chamber off an existing cave buried underneath a Montreal park. Here's a closer look at the amazing sights underground.

Lacolle border reopened as protests by anti-racist, far-right groups dwindle

Riot police held protesters back from clashing near the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que., border crossing Saturday morning as anti-racist and far-right groups gathered to protest.

How asylum seekers make refugee claims, and why they take so long

A closer look at how the asylum-seeker process normally works and how its been affected by the sudden increase in demand.

Refugee approval rates reflect subjectivity of decision-makers, prof says

The rate at which refugee claims are accepted by Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board varies widely and reflects a great deal of subjectivity when it comes to decision-making, says a York University professor.

Montreal Pride tripled security budget this year

Montreal Pride has tripled its security budget this year, in part to address heightened fears following several high-profile vehicle-ramming attacks, according to one of the festival organizers.

Keeping cyclists safe: 4 coroners' recommendations and what happened with them

Quebec's coroner's office has made a number of recommendations to keep cyclists safe. Here's a look at how many of those have been adopted.

Trucks caused 20% of cyclist deaths in Montreal since 2005

At least a fifth of all cycling deaths in Montreal over the past 12 years are caused by collisions with heavy trucks and tractor-trailers, data obtained from Quebec's coroner shows.

Montrealer sole resident of condo building after other units rented on Airbnb

One Montreal man has found himself the only full-time resident of his downtown condo building because all the other units are being used for short-term rentals, like Airbnb. The home-sharing service is eating into the city's available housing, new research shows.

'They're basically running hotels': Property management companies Airbnb's biggest winners

A small number of commercial property managers generate a majority of Airbnb's overall revenue, eating up available housing stock and driving up rents in Canada's three biggest cities, a new study from Montreal's McGill University concludes.