Township council says yes to guardrail where Kaden Young was lost in Grand River

A mother from Waldermar, Ont. wants prevent the incident of Kaden Young from happening to anyone else, so she petitioned for a guard rail at 10th Line. And the township council said yes.

'The community would feel much safer if there was a guardrail at that spot,' says Mayor Don MacIver

A memorial for Kaden has formed on a bridge overlooking the Grand River. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

Amaranth Township has decided to install a guardrail at 10th Line, where 3-year-old Kaden Young was lost in the Grand River. 

The idea came from the community; Kelly Robinson of Waldermar, Ont., circulated a petition and council decided to accept her suggestion. 

"It's a community request, these are people who live in that community," said Mayor Don MacIver. 

"It's obviously been a tremendous tragedy that has occurred and a result, the community would feel much safer if there was a guardrail at that spot," Maclver said, referring to how Kaden was swept away by the water during the flood on Feb. 21.

The child's body still has not been found.   

The Grand River near 10th Line, where Kelly Robinson is proposing the guardrail. (Submitted by Kelly Robinson)

Robinson told CBC K-W she was was "overwhelmed" by council's response. 

"Council was on our side 100 per cent," said Robinson. "They are going to take it to the agencies they need to speak with." 

Robinson gathered over 2,000 signatures from people who support the idea. 

Expert committee formed

Maclver said the council has formed an expert committee to look at the implementation of the guard rail and its design criteria. 

"We put the team of experts together to figure out how we're going to do this, and we will follow through on it, that's the support of the council," he said. 

Signatures gathered by Robinson for the guardrail. (Submitted by Kelly Robinson )

The committee currently consists of five people, including members from the Ontario Provincial Police. 

One of the factors the committee must look at is how long the rail would be and if it would extend beyond the 200 metres of the flood plains where the boy was lost. 

"We're asking for... right from the Station Street bridge, all the way up," said Robinson. 

MacIver said the expert committee will present a proposal for council to vote on during the first week of April. 

"As long as the engineering and the length of the guard rail is determined, and the proposal comes from a technical viewpoint, then we'll move forward," he said.  


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